We met them and…

Published on: Mar 9, 2009

it went very well! Any fears we had that the report was being long-fingered have been set aside. They’ve done a lot of work to familiarise themselves with the complexities of apartment living, they know about the problems we face every day and they are even doing their best to make is relevant to existing apartment owners which is no easy feat.

We discussed a lot of issues with them, especially the thorny issue of transferring common areas to the owners. We ¬†emphasized the important parts of the LRC report, listened to the problems they’ve encountered and talked about ways of solving those problems.

So yes, it’s going well. The really good news is the legislation to create the NPSRA is still at full speed and should be hitting the Dail before Easter. The government has apparently committed to publishing the legislation for management companies before the Summer too. Don’t hold your breath but if it happens that quickly, it’ll be great!

Published 03/03/2016