Unpaid Service Charges & Debt collection – Guidance

Published on: Feb 11, 2015

As the issue of service charges being unpaid by owners of units is an issue for many of us in our respective developments, it’s perhaps timely to remind you of the  guidance and info on this issue which we have available on the AON website.

Debt collection – A sysnopis

For more on the issue of Debt Collection and the legal side of the process, check out the presentation given to our November 2014 meeting

Debt Collection – November 2014

For a quick guide to the important things to be done when it comes to Debt Collection by Owner Management Companies also check out the links below

AON-Debt-Collection-OMC-Good-Practice 2015-02-11 POWERPOINT Powerpoint format

AON-Debt-Collection-OMC-Good-Practice 2015-02-11 PDF – PDF Format

Published 05/18/2016