September Meeting – MUD Act Presentation

Hello all,

At our recent September meeting the focus was on the MUD Act 2011, and the legal issues as well as obligations for Owners’ Management Companies under the MUD Act.

We are very grateful to Suzanne Bainton, Liston & Company Solicitors, for taking the time out of her busy schedule to attend and present to our AON meeting last week.

The meeting was well attended, and broad range of MUD Act related issues were raised and discussed during the Q&A which followed Suzannes presentation. We hope everyone found the presentation along with the Q&A session afterwards, to be both useful and informative.

The slides from Suzannes presentation on the night are now available at the link below in Powerpoint and PDF formats.

MUD Act SBainton AON_Sept 2017-09-13 PPT

MUD Act SBainton AON_Sept 2017-09-13 PDF


Published 09/18/2017