September 11th Meeting – Change of Venue !!!

Published on: Sep 10, 2014

Hello all,

Apologies for the short notice but there is a last minute change of room for tomorrow nights meeting.  Unfortunately the Wood Quay Venue is not available due to a public event taking place  there Friday morning.

To access the room we are in for September’s meeting:

  • You should enter the main DCC Building from the Quays.
  • Walk up the stairs and cross into the adjoining block through the tunnel.
  • We are meeting in The Housing Conference Room, Block 2, Floor 2 which is only accessible by swipe card.

If you did not send us an email but intend on attending please send a mail to so that we can look out for you.

Alternatively you can also try asking the security staff at DCC Main reception about access to the meeting room.

John Clancy will be addressing the meeting tomorrow on the difficult topic of anti social behaviour and how it can be tackled.

Published 05/18/2016