PRTB awards damages for anti-social behaviour

Published on: Sep 16, 2010

This may be of interest to any of you suffering from anti-social behaviour at the hands of neighbouring tenants.

In a recent hearing, a residents association in Kilmainham complained to the PRTB about a string of problematic tenants in one apartment. The various people living there had held excessively noisy parties, done damage to nearby houses, set fire to cars, caused a riot when the Gardai attempted to evict them and were generally unpleasant to live with.

Despite numerous complaints to the landlord and his agent, nothing was done so the case was brought to the PRTB. After two rulings, they ordered the landlord to pay a total of €6,000 in damages to the residents association to make up for the behaviour of his tenants.

You can read the full details here.

Published 05/16/2016