Proposed July Meeting – Fire Safety in Irish Apartment Blocks”

Hello all,

We don’t usually host monthly meetings in July/August. However, given the recent tragic events at the Grenfell Tower UK, we intend to hold a meeting on Tuesday 18 July on the important issue of Fire Safety. Kevin Hollingsworth, Chartered Building Surveyor, is our proposed presenter.

Please Note:

This meeting will go ahead only if there is sufficient demand from our members to attend. If you wish to attend Please Send Us an Email to confirm your attendance at our Tuesday 18 July meeting. 

Grave concerns were recently expressed about fire safety in apartment blocks here in Ireland following the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower, London. This is a matter which demands the utmost attention of apartment owners and OMC directors. You may have seen the Housing Minister’s statements of 16 June-

Kevin’s recent article in the Irish Times “Could something like the Grenfell Tower happen in Ireland” makes for sobering reading. It raises very serious questions about fire safety standards in Ireland.

Our thanks to those members who have already indicated their interest in attending.


AON Team

Published 06/27/2017