Movement on the MUD front!

Published on: Jun 4, 2010

The MUD Bill passed Report and Final Stage in the Seanad on Tuesday (2nd June). The Dail Second Stage will take place next Wednesday and Thursday (9th and 10th June).

If all this is double dutch to you, it means the Seanad has completed it’s work on the bill and now it moves to the Dail. It will be debated a few more times, some changes will be made and at some stage (hopefully Autumn but there are no guarantees), it will be voted on and present to the President to be passed into law. Yes, it’s slow going but it’s still moving (which is great) and they’re still listening to us and taking on board our advice.

We’re meeting regularly with the Law Society, the Department of Justice and some political parties to keep pushing the importance of the bill and to remind them of the remainder of our wishlist.

The issue of completion is still outstanding, we’re still working on that and the Dept of Environment is also looking at it (from a different angle). There are also problems with the bond, house rules and the apportionment of service charges but we’ll keep battering away at those.

You can download a copy of the bill as it stands right now.

Published 05/16/2016