May meeting and Getting vested started

Published on: May 5, 2011

Our May meeting will take place on Thursday 12th May at 7pm in the Dublin City Council building on Wood Quay, Dublin 8. We’ll be in Training Room 2 on the first floor. If you have any trouble finding us, ask the friendly security guards on the ground floor.

We have two members of the group giving a presentation on self-management (cutting out the managing agent). With owners demanding reduced service charges and better service, this is a very important issue and is a path well worth considering.

After the presentation, we’ll be doing a Q&A related to the talk and then a general Q&A.


Most of you will know that MUD is now law and that it forces developers to transfer all the common areas to the management company by 1st September. To make sure this goes ahead on time and that developers can’t claim that they weren’t aware, we’ve prepared a letter for you to send to them. To find out more, read here.


And finally, if your waiting for vesting to happen, now is also a good time to try to get the local authority to take ownership of some of the green areas and roads. And yes, we have something to help you with that too: read here

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