May Meeting

Published on: May 9, 2014

Our next meeting will be held on Wednesday 14th May at 7pm. If you need directions, click here or see below.

Please note the change in day and change in venue.

Meetings are held Wednesday not Thursday from now on.

New Venue

Our meetings are now held in our new location the Wood Quay Venue which is located underneath the DCC building. You can access the venue either from Fishamble Street or Winetavern Street (see directions below)

Our guest speaker will be John Murphy from the Property Registration Authority (PRAI). He’ll be covering a number of topics and what role the PRAI has on these matters such as:

1. Land- registered/unregistered.

2. Purchase of an apartment and the associated PRA documentation.

3. Vesting of Common Areas.

4. Judgement Mortgages- how management companies can use these to their best advantage. Expiry of Judgement Mortgages.

5. Well Charging Order.

6. Parking spaces- limited role of the PRA.

And yes, tea, coffee and sandwiches will still be provided.

To facilitate the set up of the venue, can you advise us if you are going to attend.

See you all there!

Venue Directions

From Fishamble Street (the little road beside DCC which runs from the quays to Christchurch) :

Going up the street from the quays look for the gate on your right, go in the gate and continue between the two buildings. The Wood Quay Venue building will be on the left. There is a reception area there which will be in use.

From Winetavern Street: Heading up the street from the quays towards Christchurch look for the gate on your left (just after the Car Park entry / exit ). Go in the gate and continue straight ahead. The Wood Quay Venue building and entrance will be on your right hand side.


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