Vesting common areas to your local authority

If you live in a housing estate with green areas, houses and possibly some apartment blocks, there’s a chance that the some of the green areas and roads may be able to be transferred to the local authority. This has the advantage that you won’t have to pay extra to maintain them. The management company will still be responsible for everything else but, like Tesco always say: every little helps.

The best time to try to make this happen is right now. by 1st September, developers must transfer all the common areas to the management company under the Multi Unit Development Act. This is the perfect time to try to hive part of that off so that the local authority and management company split the running (and the costs) of the estate.

If you like the sound of this, below are three documents to get you started. The first is an email that you can send to your local councillors (not TDs). The second is a letter which does the same job as the email. The last is something which might help your councillor – it’s a fully drafted question that they can submit, meaning he can help you without having to do any work.

word_icon-150x150 Email-To-Local-Councillor-Regarding-Vesting

word_icon-150x150 Letter-To-Local-Councillor-Regarding-Vesting

word_icon-150x150Drafted Question for Councillors