Company Law Signposts for OMCs, next meeting, etc.

Company Law Signposts for OMCs
Sincere thanks to the Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement for their hugely informative presentation of 2 April 2019 on the principal Company Law provisions affecting the operation of Owners’ Management Companies.  A copy of the presentation slides is here.

The ODCE complaints form is available on their website.  As noted in the form, the ODCE deals with Company Law matters; it has no jurisdiction in relation to breaches of the MUD Act.  Management Agents, as Property Services Providers (PSPs), are regulated by the Property Services Regulatory Authority.  Their complaints form is accessed here.

Redress Scheme for Defective Properties
Have you signed the petition hosted on the Uplift campaign site?  This calls on Government to implement the recommendations of the Oireachtas Housing Committee All-Party “Safe as Houses?” report, including a redress scheme for homes affected by fire and other life safety construction defects.

Next meeting – Tuesday, 21 May 2019
Our next meeting, including our statutory AGM, is set to take place on Tuesday, 21 May 2019.  Keep an eye here, on Twitter @ApartmentOwners, and for more details.


Meeting Tuesday 2 April – Company Law Signposts for OMCs

An understanding of Company Law is key to the successful running of every Owners’ Management Company.  Do you know where to find guidance on the conduct of an AGM?  Where can you locate information on directors’ duties, and board meetings?

The Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement has kindly agreed to present to us on the subject of Company Law for Owners’ Management Companies.

The presentation is intended to offer signposts on matters including the following:

  • Conduct of General Meeting – Annual and Extraordinary
  • Directors’ duties
  • Conflicts of interest

The session is for guidance, and ought not to be taken as legal advice, or opinion on specific cases.  A Q&A will follow the presentation.  We very much appreciate the ODCE’s engagement with the Network.

Please note an earlier start time of 6.30pm

Our usual open forum will afford the opportunity to share experiences and learn from others.

So that we may plan the event, make sure to complete our meeting attendance form to confirm your attendance on Tuesday 2 April.

Join us for tea, coffee and sandwiches from 6.15pm.  We will begin the meeting at 6.30pm sharp.

Directions to Wood Quay Venue are here.

We look forward to seeing you and remember to let us know you’re coming.

Please keep in mind the earlier start time of 6.30pm.

Volunteering as a director – our recent submission

We recently submitted a response to the ‘Call for Input‘ from the Department of Rural & Community Development, addressing volunteering as a director of an owners’ management company (“OMC”).

Estimates are that 15,000 to 20,000 people act as volunteer directors of not-for-profit OMCs.  Giving of their time and effort, they support thousands of apartment and housing estates, and communities, across the country.

The submission deals with issues including the following-

  • Challenges to volunteering
  • Contribution to social capital
  • Suggested supports to encourage volunteering