August Update

Recruiting & Retaining OMC Directors
Check out the Housing Agency’s 10 Tips for recruiting and retaining directors for your OMC.

Budget 2020 – Extra Submission to Government
The Government’s Tax Strategy Group Paper on Climate Action proposes a new “green” home renovation incentive- tax credits for insulation, environmentally friendly home upgrades, etc.

We sent a letter to the Minister for Finance to urge that any tax credits must be made available to apartment and MUD homeowners for works they pay for through their OMC.  We want to see tax equity for all homeowners.  Read our letter here.

Media coverage
We continue to update our website with links to press, Oireachtas and other coverage affecting apartment owners.  Check out our AON Coverage page.  If you spot any media mentions that we might have missed, be sure to email us-

Next meeting
Our next meeting is scheduled to take place on Tuesday 24 September 2019, at the usual Wood Quay Venue.  With an increasing focus on defects, fire safety, etc., insurance cover for OMCs is the intended subject.

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Tax Equity for Apartment Owners

We have made a supplementary submission to our recent Pre-Budget 2020 Submission.  It follows on from the Department of Finance’s Tax Strategy Group Paper 04/19 Climate Action and Tax.

Chapter 4 of that Paper examines a possible tax measure designed to incentivise domestic energy efficiency retrofits.  It mirrors the old Home Renovation Incentive tax credit, which was not available to homeowners in multi-unit developments for renovation expenditure on estate common areas.

Our supplementary submission calls for equal tax treatment of all homeowners, regardless of whether their home is a house, or a home such as an apartment or duplex in a multi-unit development.

Read our supplementary submission here.

July Update

Media coverage
Our website content has been updated to reflect media, Oireachtas, and other coverage of the apartment sector. The “AON Coverage” page has links to recent material.  Of particular interest may be reporting on the Housing Agency/Clúid Housing jointly commissioned report “Owners’ Management Companies – Sustainable apartment living for Ireland”.  A link to our appearance on RTÉ Radio 1’s Drivetime on 2 July is available- listen back if you have the chance.

Housing Agency information on MUDs/OMCs
The Housing Agency has recently added to its website guidance in relation to multi-unit developments and owners’ management companies.  The material includes a template/sample set of House Rules.  Content has also been provided in relation to purchasing a home in a manged estate or multi-unit development.

Keep an eye on our Advocacy page for our pre-Budget submission, and other contributions to policy affecting the sector.

A phrase we heard recently captures much about OMC directors- “Community hearts and business heads“. 

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