Enhancing Fire Safety in Dwellings where concerns arise: DHPLG Framework Published

Hello all,

Eoghan Murphy, T.D., Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government, on Friday 25th August 2017, published a Framework for Enhancing Fire Safety in Dwellings where concerns arise.

Welcoming publication of the Framework, the Minister said that “the Framework will provide much needed advice and guidance to homeowners living in dwellings where concerns regarding fire safety arise and will also be of assistance to their professional advisors in developing strategies to enable people to remain in their homes”.

The Framework is intended to be used as a guide by the owners and occupants of dwellings where fire safety deficiencies have been identified, or are a cause for concern.  It will also be of assistance to professional advisors in developing strategies to improve fire safety and ensure compliance with the relevant Building Regulations. The framework is not intended to be applied to any other category of dwelling except for where non-compliance with Building Regulations has been identified.

The Framework is available on the Department of Housing’s website or from the AON website at the link below

DHPLG Framework_for_enhancing_fire_safety_in_dwellings 2017-08-25



SCSI Submission -Defects in our Built Environment

At our recent meeting of 18th July, during his presentation regarding defects in MUDs / Apartments and Fire Safety issues, Kevin Hollingsworth referred to a submission regarding Defects in our Built Environment which he was involved in drafting with his surveyor colleagues.

The submission was made earlier in 2017 by the Society of Chartered Sureveyors Ireland (SCSI) to the Department of Planning, Housing, Communities and Local Government.

The submission is available to view on the SCSI Website or at the link below.

SCSI Defects in our built environment