Defects Redress Scheme – Petition

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This calls on Government to implement the recommendations of the Oireachtas Housing Committee All-Party “Safe as Houses?” report, including a redress scheme for homes affected by fire and other life safety construction defects.

Presentations on defects were delivered to our open meeting of 25 September 2018.  More information, including slides, is available for download by clicking here.

Information and presentations on fire safety are available on our Fire Safety page.

SCSI Submission -Defects in our Built Environment

At our recent meeting of 18th July, during his presentation regarding defects in MUDs / Apartments and Fire Safety issues, Kevin Hollingsworth referred to a submission regarding Defects in our Built Environment which he was involved in drafting with his surveyor colleagues.

The submission was made earlier in 2017 by the Society of Chartered Sureveyors Ireland (SCSI) to the Department of Planning, Housing, Communities and Local Government.

The submission is available to view on the SCSI Website or at the link below.

SCSI Defects in our built environment