AON in the news – Recent Media Coverage

Our recent presentation to the Joint Oireachtas Committee got some good coverage in the media. See the links below for more Irish Times : Problems with apartment sector could be a ‘time bomb’ for taxpayer  RTE News - Regulation needed in apartment sector - Owners'...

Law Society Gazette

Hello all, The latest issue of the Law Society Gazette is available. Some of you might find it of interest to browse through so we're sharing it here.  It's available at the link below for those who might be interested. LS Gazette July 2017 AON  

Equitable receivers

Published on: Mar 14, 2013 The phrase equitable receiver is one that we've mentions a few times when we've discussed debt collection. It is a way for management companies to get the rent being paid by tenants to landlords who have large amounts of service charges...