News & Updates – RBO returns due 22 November

We are very grateful to Tom English (Thomas P. English & Associates, Consulting Engineers) for his insurance presentation at our meeting of Tuesday 24 September in Wood Quay.  A copy of Tom’s presentation is available here.

Our usual Q&A and open forum generated lots of queries.  For those of you considering attending future meetings, here’s unsolicited and unprompted feedback from one OMC director who attended our September session-

Thanks very much for organising the meeting re insurance and OMCs last Tuesday night. I found Tom English’s presentation very relevant to my own OMC and would certainly bring what he outlined and what was discussed in the Q&A session afterwards to our next AGM.

A note of thanks also to the team in Dublin City Council, who provide such a great venue, and arrange the light refreshments.


New writing on OMCs

We congratulate Aisling Keenan on the recent publication of her new book “Owners’ Management Company: Law and Best Practice”.  Deirdre Ní Fhloinn, BL is the Consultant Editor.  Both Aisling and Deirdre are friends of the Network.

It is encouraging to see new writing on the sector.  The book is available from Clarus Press.

Separately, check out this link to an Accountancy Ireland article “Business heads, community hearts”, about OMCs, and the recent Housing Agency / Clúid Housing commissioned report.


ODCE complaints processes – an FAQ

How do I complain to the Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement (ODCE) about corporate malpractice by my OMC, directors, or other company officers under the Companies Acts?

Follow this link to the ODCE’s complaints form.   Note that the ODCE has no role in relation to breaches of the MUD Act, regulation of management agents (that’s a function of the PSRA), or service charge debt recovery.


Register of Beneficial Owners – returns due soon

Your OMC Company Secretary will have received notice about this mandatory filing of the OMC’s beneficial ownership details.  All companies in the State must file a return, by 22 November 2019.  More details are available on the RBO website.

As most OMCs are Companies Limited by Guarantee (CLG), it is likely that the directors, the people in control of the company (known as “Senior Managing Officials”), will be returned as the beneficial owners.  However, each company case is different.  The status and return filing requirements should be checked carefully, with guidance from a professional advisor if necessary.


Next meeting

Our next open meeting is due to take place on 5 November 2019.  Watch Twitter & Facebook for details.

September Update – Meeting on OMC Insurance

Meeting of Tuesday 24 September 2019

Do you know the risks impacting on your apartment block insurance premium?  Do you understand these risks?  How may they be mitigated?

Insurance and OMCs” is the theme of the presentation at our meeting on Tuesday 24 September 2019.

With an increasing focus on defects, fire safety, etc. the cost of block insurance cover is receiving considerable attention.  We are grateful to have as our speaker Mr. Tom English of Thomas P. English & Associates, Consulting Engineers.  Tom is a Chartered Engineer, and Fire Safety Consultant.

The meeting starts at the earlier time of 6.30p.m. sharp, in the Wood Quay Venue, Civic Offices, Dublin 8.

Join us for tea, coffee and sandwiches from 6.15p.m.

After the presentation we will hold our usual open forum for questions and information sharing on MUDs and OMCs.

Please ensure to complete our Meeting Attendance Form to confirm your attendance on 24 September 2019.

Click here for directions to Wood Quay.

Media coverage

On 20 August 2019 we participated in an iProperty Radio/Dublin South FM discussion of the recent Housing Agency/Clúid Housing commissioned report “Owners’ Management Companies- Sustainable apartment living for Ireland”.  Listen to the Property Matters programme here.

Check out our AON Coverage page for media, Oireachtas and other coverage relevant to apartment owners.  If you see any reports that we might have missed, please email us-


Our latest submissions to public consultations are available at:

August Update

Recruiting & Retaining OMC Directors
Check out the Housing Agency’s 10 Tips for recruiting and retaining directors for your OMC.

Budget 2020 – Extra Submission to Government
The Government’s Tax Strategy Group Paper on Climate Action proposes a new “green” home renovation incentive- tax credits for insulation, environmentally friendly home upgrades, etc.

We sent a letter to the Minister for Finance to urge that any tax credits must be made available to apartment and MUD homeowners for works they pay for through their OMC.  We want to see tax equity for all homeowners.  Read our letter here.

Media coverage
We continue to update our website with links to press, Oireachtas and other coverage affecting apartment owners.  Check out our AON Coverage page.  If you spot any media mentions that we might have missed, be sure to email us-

Next meeting
Our next meeting is scheduled to take place on Tuesday 24 September 2019, at the usual Wood Quay Venue.  With an increasing focus on defects, fire safety, etc., insurance cover for OMCs is the intended subject.

For more updates, please keep an eye on our Twitter, and Facebook feeds.