August Meeting – Update

Published on: July 31 2015

Hello all,

Our August Meeting  will take place on 12th August in our usual spot of the Wood Quay Venue, Dublin City Council Offices. Tea, Coffee and Sandwiches available from 6.45pm as per usual. The meeting will begin at 7pm sharp.

Two of our long-term and more experienced members Des and Bryan will jointly chair the meeting.

To facilitate the set up of the venue, can you advise us if you are going to attend. If you need directions, they are available here .

The Topic for discussion this month: How to broaden the Director Pool ?

10/8 EDIT: Given the topic for discussion we suggest those attending bring a copy of their Management Co’s memo and articles of association with them so that during the meeting you can check or someone can assist you in checking items in them (E.g. If it states that only members of the company can be directors or are your articles silent on this matter which would mean that you can elect non-members to the Board).

If you don’t have a copy of your memo and articles of association you should be able to down load these from the for a few euros.
The plan is to focus the discussion around matters such as tenants acting as directors of OMC’s, and is this a valid and workable option. With the ongoing changes in home ownership that seem to be developing we may see more and more people renting long term and they too have a vested interested in ensuring the development they are living is well run, and maintained to a high standard.

There are three distinct groups becoming evident, particularly in apartments –  owner occupiers , people renting  & investors/landlords. Each of these groups will have difference priorities which may be a challenge from an OMC point of view. It looks like the 3 distinct groups plus the element of social housing in private developments are here for the long term.

The big question is do Management Company Directors and apartment owners need to start opening up our boards to non owners/members, and how do we go about achieving this. Some articles of association only permit owners to become directors of the OMC’s, with changes to the legal documents of the company needing to be considered due to the changing landscape. Often these documents were developed with no real understanding of the practical application in the real world.

A question and answer session will follow after the discussion on the topic so that new members  can ask questions about their issues and be provided with valuable information based on other members experiences.

Hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the long days. Looking forward to a good meeting.

Published 06/08/2016