AON Submission to Expert Water Commission

Hello all,

As many of you in the Network may be aware the Expert Water Commission (EWC) was recently established by the Minister for Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government to advise upon the funding of domestic public water services in Ireland and improvements in water quality.

The Commission invited interested parties to make submissions in writing on the future funding of domestic water services and improvement in water quality. Submissions were to refer specifically to the Commission’s terms of reference and focus on solutions.

Last week the AON made a submission to the EWC in order to represent the Networks comments on the future funding of Domestic Water Services as they apply to water service users living in Apartments and residential properties in Multi Unit Developments managed by Owner Managment Companies, and still remain to be metered by Irish Water.

The AON submission is available to view at the link below:

AON submission to EWC 08-09-16



Published 09/13/2016