AON Submission- Draft of Ireland 2040 – Our Plan

The AON have made a submission to the Forward Planning Section, Department of Housing, Planning, and Local Government regarding the Draft National Planning Framework Ireland 2040 Our Plan (“the draft Plan”).

Our submission is mainly concerned with the planning and development, and housing
aspects of the draft Plan. We highlight law reform and regulation that should flow from
the high-level policies in the draft Plan. We build on our submission at the Pre-Draft
stage, and draw on and reiterate themes from our submission to the recent review of
Rebuilding Ireland.

Recent Census data indicates that the number of apartments and other homes in managed estates in Ireland is increasing. We submit that the NPF should encompass policies to support sustainable apartment/multi-unit development communities.

The AON submission is available at the link below.

AON – NPF Submission 2017-08-11


Published 11/13/2017