AON Coverage

This page contains links recent to media coverage, proceedings of the Houses of the Oireachtas, and other places where AON, the activities of the Network, and matters of interest received mention. 


Seanad Éireann Debate 30/05/19 – Fire Safety in Apartment Dwellings: Statements

Seanad Éireann Commencement Matters 29/05/19 – Defective Building Materials

The Irish Times 25/05/19 – Developer seeks removal of private owner from board

The Irish Times 23/05/19 – ‘Not possible’ for State to take responsibility for poor Celtic Tiger building.

The Irish Times 22/05/19 – Apartment defects: ‘I feel like I’m living in Legoland, like it could collapse at any minute’

The Irish Times 22/05/19 – Developer says owners must pay to fix defects in Dublin 8 apartment block

Dáil Éireann Debate 16/05/19 – Property Services (Regulation) (Amendment) (Management Company Regulation) Bill 2018: Second Stage

Irish Examiner 08/04/19 – Residents in the dark over fire safety costs 02/04/19 – Dublin Fire Brigade working to fix safety defects at over 20 apartment blocks across the city

The Irish Times 02/04/19 – Fire safety work ongoing at 24 sites, says Dublin Fire Brigade

Irish Examiner 01/04/19 – Lives at risk due to fire safety failures and building boom’s self-regulation regime

Irish Examiner 01/04/19 – €50k bill to make 2001 homes fire saf

The Irish Times 23/03/19 – Dublin Fire Brigade orders fire safety review at Sandyford complex

The Irish Times 22/03/19 – NCT for housing needed that prioritises safety risks

Irish Examiner 16/03/19 – Who will put our house(s) in order?

Irish Examiner 12/03/19 – Property firm believes there are fire safety deficiencies in 70% of apartments

Irish Times Podcast – 03/19 – Boom-Era Apartment Defects “Verging on Systemic”

The Irish Times 11/03/19 – Detailed safety scrutiny of Celtic Tiger properties urged

The Irish Times 11/03/19 – Major fire-safety issues found in 60 apartment blocks in Ireland

The Irish Times 11/03/19 – Building defects problem could happen again, says top architect

Irish Examiner 07/03/19 – Apartment owners face €4m bill over fire safety defects

The Irish Times 05/03/19 – State wary of taking on ‘open-ended liability’ of fixing building defects

The Irish Times 05/03/19 – The Irish Times view on apartment defects: passing the buck

The Irish Times 05/03/19 – Apartment owners unable to access €750m lifeline plan

The Irish Times 05/03/19 – Insurance fund for apartment builders might prevent past failings

Today with Sean O’Rourke, RTE Radio 1 04/03/19 – Celtic Tiger Apartment Owners Facing Big Bills To Fix Defects

The Irish Times 04/03/19 – Apartment owners face €826,000 bill to fix fire-safety defects

The Irish Times 04/03/19 – Boomtime builds: Two decades of problems with Celtic Tiger apartments

The Irish Times 04/03/19 – Boom-era apartment owners left with large bills to fix defects

The Irish Times 04/03/19 – Not so gorgeous living as Belmayne inspected for defects

The Irish Times 04/03/19 – Repairs to roof of Kilmainham apartment block to cost owners €10,900 each

The Irish Times 04/03/19 – Celtic Tiger building defects ‘widespread’, says housing expert

The Irish Times 04/03/19 – Support urged for homeowners hit by defects in boom-era builds

Dáil Éireann Debate 19/02/19 – Management Fees (Local Property Tax) Relief Bill 2018: Second Stage

Joint Oireachtas Committee on BE&I 19/02/19 – General Scheme of the Companies (Corporate Enforcement Authority) Bill 2018: Discussion

The Irish Times 28/01/19 – ‘Fundamental’ balcony design flaws at Dublin housing development

Dáil Éireann Parliamentary Question 15/01/19 – Building Control Management System



Irish Examiner 21/12/18 – Time to tackle hot issue of fire safety defects

The Irish Times 19/12/18 – How common are fire safety issues in Irish apartments?

The Irish Times 18/12/18 – Fire safety bill on way for residents in Dublin 8 apartment complex

The Irish Times 18/12/18 – Fire officer to make decision on defective Dublin 8 apartments

Irish Examiner 17/12/18 – Dublin apartment owners face €26k bills to fix fire safety issues

The Irish Times 17/12/18 – Fire safety issues ‘present in many boomtime apartments’

The Irish Times 17/12/18 – Catalogue of fire-safety issues leaves owners facing bills of up to €26,000

The Irish Times 17/12/18 – Dublin apartment owners face €3m bill after fire risks found

Dublin Inquirer 28/11/18 – With Short-Term Lets as Neighbours, It’s “like Ibiza here”, Resident Says

Sunday Independent 25/11/18 – Apartment owners to secure cheap loans for remedial works from HBFI

The Irish Times 14/11/18 – Fire safety defects ‘quite low’ in apartment blocks, Dáil hears

Dáil Éireann Parliamentary Question 14/11/18 – Fire Safety

Sunday Times (Ireland Edition) 11/11/18 – The serious side of apartment life

The Irish Times 17/10/18 – Vast majority of apartments need bigger sinking funds

Irish Examiner 11/10/18 – Paying the price of building free-for-all

Irish Examiner 11/10/18 – Homeowners face court action over remedial works

The Hard Shoulder, Newstalk FM 10/10/18 – Discussion of apartment management

Irish Examiner 02/10/18 – Fire safety: Trying to pour cold water on a hot topic

The Sunday Business Post 02/9/18 – Apartment owners’ group warns of bailout time bomb

Dáil Éireann Debate 04/07/18 – Property Services (Regulation) (Amendment) (Management Company Regulation) Bill 2018: First Stage

Dáil Éireann Parliamentary Question 03/07/18 – Housing Management Companies 25/06/18 – Homeowners warned of balcony collapse fears in Celtic Tiger buildings

Irish Independent 25/06/18 – ‘Potential collapse of balconies a real possibility’ – Celtic Tiger homeowners warned of defects

Sunday Independent 17/06/18 – Apartment owners set for property tax discount under new plans

The Irish Times 19/04/18 – Problems with apartment sector could be a ‘time bomb’ for taxpayer News 19/04/18 – Regulation needed in apartment sector – Owners’ Network

Irish Examiner – 23/02/18 – Residents facing €400k fire safety bill

Irish Examiner 10/02/18 – The dark side of the boom for homeowners

Irish Examiner 27/01/18 – Building oversight simply common sense

Irish Examiner 25/01/18 – Compensate for defective Celtic Tiger homes, says Dáil Committee 24/01/18 – Those who bought houses with major defects ‘should get a redress scheme’

Irish Examiner 19/01/18 – 240 homeowners in Co Clare told pay €2.25m for defects