Academic Survey: Apartment / MUD Sector – Assistance sought

Hello all,

The AON has been contacted recently by Finbarr Malone, a Real Estate Masters thesis candidate at DIT. He has asked for our assistance and that of the wider AON network, with a study he is currently undertaking as part of his Masters thesis. The study is aimed at improving the understanding of the OMC sector.

We are assured by Finbarr that all responses submitted to his survey(s) will be treated confidentially. We encourage all who are involved with the AON, or living in Multi Unit Developments to participate in the survey.

What follows is directly from Finbarr: “I am completing a thesis on Financial Planning in developments such as yours, having an owners’ management company.

I hope that this research will further the understanding of residential owners’ management companies, and improve the legislation to protect owners.

There are two links below and I would appreciate if you would select the link that applies to you. You may complete both if both apply to you.”

All information will be treated with the utmost confidence, and it is part of my research for my Real Estate Masters in relation to Financial Planning in OMCs.

If there is an email or Facebook page for your development, or people might have a way of contacting other OMC members for their development , please share the survey with them and encourage them to also complete the OMC Members / Individual apartment owners survey.

If you know homeowners in other developments please also encourage them to complete the second survey.

If you know directors in other developments please encourage them to also complete the director survey.

Thanks to you and to the Apartment Owners’ Network in advance for your assistance”.

Survey 1: For OMC Directors

Survey 2: For OMC members/individual apartment owners.



Published 07/27/2017