‘Hot topics’ from February meeting

Presentation Thanks – Service Charge Collection and Debtor Management

We wish to express our appreciation to Setanta Landers of Reddy Charlton Solicitors for his presentation on Wednesday 6 February 2019.

A full house in Wood Quay, followed by a spirited Q&A session, stressed the importance of the topic for owners’ management companies.

Combined with sinking funds guidance from John Duffy in November, the Network continues to supply essential knowledge to OMC directors and apartment owners.


Property Management Agent Licensing

Responding to a ‘hot topic’ from our last meeting; providers of property services for reward must hold a licence from the Property Services Regulatory Authority.  In fact, it is a criminal offence to operate for reward without a licence.

Check the register of licensees to ensure your agent is in good standing.  Use the Authority’s complaints process to deal with problematic situations.


ODCE Handbook on Company Law for OMCs

This is the ‘go to’ publication for Company Law queries in relation to OMCs.  Rules on voting, AGMs, board meetings, company membership, etc., are all explained.

While the Handbook remains to be updated for the provisions of the Companies Act 2014, the principles and guidance are largely unchanged.


Next meeting

For details of our next meeting (late March/early April), keep an eye on the website, Twitter @ApartmentOwners, and Facebook.

3 thoughts on “‘Hot topics’ from February meeting

  1. I have been involved with A.O.N. for the past eight years and attended the monthly meetings I have sold my apartment and I am looking after my son apartment he is special needs can I attend the A.O.N monthly meetings so I can keep up to date with what is going on


      • Thanks Brian can you give me the times and date of the next meeting.
        Michael W.


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