Expert Advice – Don’t Miss Out – Meeting 27 November

Learn How To Prevent That Sinking Feeling – Tuesday 27 November 2018

Does your estate have a building maintenance/sinking fund?  Do you know why it should?  How does your OMC start a fund?  What do OMC directors need to know?

What happens if your OMC does not build up money for future replacement of lifts, roofs, water pumps, etc.?  The consequences of inaction for you and your property could be costly.

John Duffy of Noel Larkin & Associates has kindly agreed to help answer these questions, and more, at our meeting on Tuesday 27 November.  John is Chartered Building Surveyor.  He is an expert in the preparation of sinking fund reports for apartments and multi-unit developments.  John’s presentation will conclude with a Q&A session.

Our meeting will update you on our advocacy work since our September meeting.  The usual open forum session will follow- please share your experiences and learn from others.

Ensure to complete our Contact Us form to confirm your attendance.

We will begin at 7pm sharp.

Please join us for tea, coffee and sandwiches from 6.45pm.

Directions to Wood Quay Venue are here.

Housing Agency – MUD Advisor
The Housing Agency is appointing a Multi-Unit Developments advisor.  This is a welcome move to advance best practice in the sector.  Details of the role, and the application process, are available on the Agency’s website.

The serious side of apartment life” – Sunday Times 11 November 2018
We are widely quoted in last weekend’s Sunday Times Ireland edition full-page article “The serious side of apartment life” by Eithne Dunne.  Access is subscriber only, however there is a facility to view free two articles a week; it’s well worth the read.

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 27 November.  Be sure to let us know you’re coming!

2 thoughts on “Expert Advice – Don’t Miss Out – Meeting 27 November

  1. We have a sinking fund at Derrynane Sq and each year at budget time we increase it by 20k.
    This is a paper exercise because the money stays in our deposit a/c. and it becomes our sinking fund.
    Do we need to separate the funds and have a designated SINKING FUND ACCOUNT.


  2. Thank you for the meeting on the 27th November Re- Sinking funds.
    It was as usual very informative.
    Can I suggest a topic for the next meeting in January 2019.

    I would like Debtors and the problems they present to be a topic for one of your meetings.
    Thank you


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