AON Needs your help !! Housing Agency Research: Owners’ Management Companies (OMC’s)

How You Can Help Improve the Apartment Sector.

We need your help! The Housing Agency has asked us to ask you to support their OMC research.

We would appreciate responses by Friday 22 December 2017

You can Respond to us HERE with your details

Only with your help can we improve knowledge, regulation and standards in the apartment sector. Quite simply, we need a sample of OMCs in the “small”, “medium” and “large” categories, defined by unit numbers.

Category     No. of Units

Small           < 30 (less than)

Medium       31 – 200

Large           > 201 (greater than)

The Housing Agency will then undertake an anonymous and confidential review of OMC accounts for their research purposes. Results will be aggregated. No OMC will be identified in research findings.

You can respond to us HEREreferencing your Owner Management Company’s (OMC)

1 OMC Name

2 CRO Number (Companies Registration


3 Number of units in the development /


Please reply with details of your Development / Estate by Friday 22 December 2017.

Remember to follow us on and Twitter @ApartmentOwners.

Have a Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2018.

Best regards,

AON Team

2 thoughts on “AON Needs your help !! Housing Agency Research: Owners’ Management Companies (OMC’s)

  1. I would be interested in A.O.N. Needs your help i have being involved in O.M.C. for twenty years and i have being a director for the past 6 years of a O.M.C in Dublin if you would like to contact me at mick 48 walsh


    • If you can give me the benefit of your experience I would appreciate it .
      Thank you
      Brendan Bowr


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