Appointing a Management Agent

Our sincere thanks to Paul Mooney of Benchmark Property for his great presentation at our recent October meeting, on the topic of Appointing a Management Agent, to undertake the day to day management of an apartment development or Multi Unit Development.

Paul’s presentation is now available at the link below

Appointing a Management Agent AON 2017-10-17 Powerpoint

Appointing-a-Management-Agent-AON-2017-10-17 PDF


5 thoughts on “Appointing a Management Agent

  1. Hi I am sorry that i missed the last meeting as i was getting radiation treatment but i have to say Management Agents must be the biggest headache that a Management Company can have i have being involved with four Management Agents over the past ten years as my role as Director and Chairman of an O.M.C.
    I can list a few points that i have had .
    1. Make their own rules after they get the contract.
    2. Waste the O.M.C. money.
    3. They have done our accounts last year and this year wrong.
    4. Payed out money when they shouldn’t have .
    5. Done our budgets wrong.
    6. Not answering emails.
    7. Not checking invoices.
    I could go on and on i just feel that if we change again we will only get the same service so what can we do?
    I have mention Management Agents at A.O.N. meetings before and i could see the reaction from other members.
    So can we have more time trying to sort out Management Agents.
    One thing you could do is have a complaint box that directors could send information on the wrongdoing of Management Agents.
    Michael Walsh.

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    • I t is the DIRECTORS who are responsible to Member for the ACCOUNTS not auditors whether or not the go to auditors via some managing agent . So if all in order between Directors and member then member can sack auditor ?? Or appoint new directors if that root of problem . Something funny there, Have the common areas been transferred to the management company and have the public open spaces been taken in charge ? I wonder what is the financial status of the developer.


      • I am aware that the directors are responsible for the accounts but if the management agent gives the wrong information to the auditors or if the auditors don’t bother to get the correct information than the accounts will be wrong that is my point.
        The common areas were transferred twenty years ago
        Let me explain what i mean when i said the management agents did the accounts wrong.
        We got the buildings painted in 2016 at cost of €24,000 this money was in our current accounts so when the audit accounts were given to the directors for passing the accounts said that the money was taken out of the sinking fund i was asked was the money passed by the owners at a A.G.M so what i am saying that the auditors would of asked the management agent was this money taken out of the sinking fund and the auditors should of asked the management agent was this money confirmed in the minutes of the A.G.M.


  2. This is to advise that under s18. 7 of MUD act no omc has legal authority to levy service charges for expense that are or were the responsibility of the developer under the lease until three years after the common areas have been transferred to the management company by the developer being the person who transfer Or arranges for the transfer of common areas t the OMC.

    Professional fees fir man agents and ors are the responsibility of developers in most leases until. Common areas transferred to omc and mud act only putting that onto statute by prohibiting omc from levying s charges for that expense until three years after transfer of common areas to omc.

    It is not to say that omc acting by Board can’t appoint one it that omc can’t invoice member for that fee until common areas transferred to omc.

    Members of omc have no power over how directors exercise powers of board during any financial year but member do have power to appoint directors who implement mud act or member can choose to ignore that and pay price co.

    postcthis having read post from one member of man Co whose electricity supply cut off by managing agent for non payment of service charges.

    The directors did thus but member appoint board and that interference cut off will surface in that consumer bill.

    The supplier sent service to block where it was cut of from going to that consumer member whose vote appoint board.

    If supplier takes issue itcwill be omc and member carry can so member have choice to use power on appointing board to implement act or ignore let board breach not pay service charge and downhill.

    Advise all check your lease and Invoice fir service charges if common areas have not been transferred to OMC

    A single member can apply to c court for order that developer being person who transfers or can arrange transfer to comply with obligation under act to do that by,, 30 09 11.


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