Return of Deirdre

Published on: Oct 8, 2013

Great news for our members this week – our chairman and illustrious leader, Deirdre Fox, had announced at a previous meeting that she would like to resign from the network soon. After founding the group in 2007 and running it for the last six years, we found it hard to object too vigorously.

Luckily for us, we didn’t have to because the guilt was too much for her and she’s generously volunteered to give AON another year of her hard work and Thursday evenings. Obviously this is great for us as it gives us another years stable leadership and another year to find a new chairman and plan for the future of the group.

4 thoughts on “Return of Deirdre

  1. I need/we need advise on taking control of our complex.We wish to manage it ourselves and need your advise as to how to prepare for the management of of it .

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    • HI Brendan.
      I have being involved with apartment living for the past twenty four years and I have being a very successful director for the past eight years if I can be of assistant to you starting to take control of your complex please come back to me and we can arrange to meet up.

      Michael Walsh.


      • Thank you, Michael.I can meet you someday next week .I dont want to waste your time so maybe if I rang you for a chat we can take it from there.
        My mob 0877535363


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