List of regulated managing agents

Published on: Mar 14, 2013

After many months of paperwork, background checking, more paperwork and even more paperwork, the PRSA have finished processing applications from all the managing agents in be country. A full list of agents is available on their website. If you’re not sure whether your agent is registered, make sure to check the list. It’s illegal to act as an agent if you’re not registered.

4 thoughts on “List of regulated managing agents

  1. I appreciate your comment but what can be done when your managing agent is NOT registered, manages the OMC and also the rental company for approx 20 cottages. He charges huge management fees to the 28 units that are not in his rental scheme nor does he provide us with services (apart from sewerage, outside lighting). Therefore those 28 are refusing to pay management fees without explanations. And as those 28 are not allowed at AGMs or EGMs, it is impossible to vote a new management agent.
    If you would like more info, do not heaitate to contact me. In the meantime, can anyone help?


  2. There seems to be an awful. Lack of awareness that man agent can’t be held responsible for faulty accounts and that is a matter between member and directors and directors sign of accounts and member appoint bd and auditors at agm.


    • Under s18. 7,of MUD act a management company is prohibited by law from levying service charge to defray expenses that are the responsibility of the developer under the lease until three years after the transfer of common areas to management company. It dies not mean the directors which member appoint can’t retain man agent it just mean that board can’t issue invoice fir or not even if all agreed s charges that include expense that is developers under lease which usually include professional fees so check your lease and if common areas have been transferred to omc.


      • U should go to office of director of corporate enforcement and take out mud act if that development is a multi unit development it is governed by mud act. And if it is this managing agent is not a director who are directors they are the ones who are answerable and answerable to member who have power to appoint and dismiss and these directors act in as omc are prohibited by act from levying s charges fir expense of developing under lease etc but it is your omc if it is a mud development and twenty eight other members.


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